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Blackjack python youtube

blackjack python youtube

Hand_sum 0 it_sum 0 def sum_hand(self # totals the hand self.
I'm a beginning Python programmer, and juegos casino on line 2012 earlier I made a simple Blackjack game in Python.
# check OUT THE follow ON video TO turn this same code base intest OF five game /fn61C_GQUwQ, you know Blackjack.
This can get you started: ml ml ml ml, i see you have added some code; that's good.
The original version (which can be found here ) got a lot of great feedback, so I rewrote the entire program to reflect the feedback I received.Hand_sum) print n n def bust(self, dealer # checks for player busting m_hand if self.More information on my Blackjack robot project can be found at: /project/27639-rai., music credit:, windom Earle - Kirblooey Chris Zabriskie - Air Hockey Saloon m/chriszabriskie.Hand_sum 0 it_sum 0 for b in range(len(rds it_sum rdsb if As' in rds or 'Ac' in rds or 'Ad' in rds or 'Ah' in rds) and rds and it_sum 10 21: # special ace rule conditions self.This is the code: import random class Deck(object def ckdeck itsuit itDictsuitDict rdValuecardValue rdKeycardKey def create_deck(self print 'Deck Created' def empty(self return all(len(suit) 0 for suit in lues def get_card(self while 1: if self.You are both dealt hands and you can Hit or Stay based on the knowledge of your cards and the one card you can see of the dealers.Given a card, you should be able to tell what its value is, whether it's a Jack or an Ace or a 2 of hearts.You will also have a deck; a deck is a special collection - it has exactly 52 cards when it starts, and none of the cards are repeated (you could, of course, be using several decks to play, but that's a complication you can solve.Logic def logic(self # makes sure the dealer hits "soft 17" m_hand while self.Suit 'scdh rANK '23456789tjqka dECK tuple.join(card) for card in oduct(rank, suit).VAL 1 * 4, deckval dict(zip(deck, VAL) counter 0 def shuffle # shuffles the deck into random order global s_deck s_deck mple(deck, 52) class Hand: global counter, s_deck def _init self # deals 2 cards # sets up variables hand_sum and init_sum for totaling global.Hit_or_stay(dealer) else: pass if _name_ main game Game.

Basically: I added an "empty boolean function that checks if there aren't any cards left in the deck.
Hand_sum 21: print You lost the hand else: print Dealer busted else: print You tied print Dealer's hand rds, " Dealer's sum dealer.
Other cool coding and tech things can be found here the Python programming language can be found here thon.Hand_sum 21: print YOU bustedn self.The source code for the card detector program can be found at: m/EdjeElectronics/Op.Org winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!You should how ever try to make the design and code cleaner.That's a lot of stuff.A hand also has a value, which is usually the sum of card values, but as you know, Aces are special (they can be 1 or 11 so you'll need to treat that case correctly with some "if statements".Mason Donovan - Epiphany m/user-94567791/.Welcome to Las Vegas or Atlantic City!Hand_sum: print You won the hand elif self.