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Mackie onyx blackjack vs scarlet

mackie onyx blackjack vs scarlet

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Novation Supernova II, korg MicroKontrol, love of Electronic Music.
From what I've read they both have pretty good AD/DA for their price point so it's tough to choose based on that research so far (without actually hearing them both).
I am looking for an interface that allows me to input a microphone along with either an electric/acoustic guitar or an Ensoniq SQ-80 keyboard (don't need guitar and keyboard together) and record on a iPad with a lightning plug.
G5 Dual.7, logic Studio, mackie Onyx BlackJack, mackie HR824.Finealer fidelity, boutique-Quality Onyx Preamps, found on our most expensive studio consoles, Onyx pres are designed to meet or surpass expensive, esoteric standalone mic pres in terms of fidelity, headroom and transparency as well as improved radio frequency (RFI) rejection and ultra-wide dynamic range.Thanks for your help!IS better than the competition at that price range.Any all listings that were posted more than 365 days schecter blackjack neck thickness ago have been deleted so that we can ensure the directory remains up-to-date.Related: IK Multimedia iRig Pro, Top Audio Recording Interfaces, submitted by anonymous 255 days ago.I have no experience with the Mackie.Products onyx Blackjack, inspired by the proven hardware design of our flagship Onyx-i Series mixers, the Onyx Blackjack Premium USB Audio Interface brings you studio quality sound and features via our flagship Onyx Mic Pres, Cirrus Logic AD/DA converters, built-in DIs, phantom power and true.The studio monitor and headphone outputs have independent level controls for maximum flexibility.And with a full 60dB of available gain, would-be competitors are left in the dust.The angled bracket is removable if it doesn't suit you.They both have dedicated 0 latency direct monitoring but from reading the user manuals only the Mackie has a dedicated volume knob for the input monitoring and the ability to monitor in mono or stereo.

They have a lot of the similar if not exact the same features so the main difference I see are: * The Mackie is at a nice ergonomic angle but the Scarlett has a nice big volume knob.
Flexible, no Direct Box Needed, both channels double as built-in Dis which is perfect for direct connection of guitars, basses, keyboards, drum machines, etc.
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The Scarlett only has the the switch to turn direct monitoring.
Not only that, it also means you can adjust your buffer settings to maximize your computers processing ability.Mackie is USB.1 but does not need a driver to work on a mac.Manuals, support docs, software/firmware, product photos, blackjack.Unless the USB.0 contributes that much more stability to make me go for the Scarlett, I think I will go for the Mackie for the ergonomic angle and the direct monitoring input volume control.I know I'm being way to picky for such a lower cost interface but I'm geeky that way.